Happy Valentine's Day

Tweet tweet, a valentine's surprise for Mark.

The other day while Mark was slowly lowering his coffee cup to rest it on the table beside him, I said "oh! wait, let me get a coaster for you."  My grandmother instilled this habit in my sister, brother and me from the time we could hold a cup.  If we happened to forget, she would explain what would happen if we did not use a coaster, "if you don't use a coaster, there will forever be a ring where you put the cup."  My grandmother was the senior editor at Vanderbilt University and always corrected us if we said something grammatically incorrect.  That afternoon Mark decided to make a few coasters to put around the house. 
 photo of my grandmother, "Mom"

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  1. Love that cup!!! Mark! I ate your homemade chicken noodle soup for lunch today and I feel GREAT! Thank you! Also, I am using my coasters too! Great pics!! CAN YOU TELL THAT IVE HAD 3 CUPS OF THAT EARL GREY TEA??


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