It is very rare you will find a western restaurant in Wuxi and even more rare to find an Italian one.  Tonight we wined and dined at Tratorria Ferraria for Bryon and Bens last night here.  They will be headed back home to U.S. and England tomorrow.

The 81 bus (the only double decker bus in Wuxi) does a big loop around downtown Wuxi, passing pagodas and canals.  We took it for one last spin around town together. 

Then ended up here, at Bar Street, for a photo in the rain.

and a game of darts.  
This picture was taken the other day looking down from our apt.  People are always out doing things  just like today, these neighbors were doing their laundry together in the sun.  

This is Rex.  She is what a typical chinese dogs look like. ( a neck like a giraffe, a body like a ferret and really short legs).


Chinese money

the Yuan (Silver) and the Jiao (gold)




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This batch of bread is going to Ann Marie, our friend from Ireland.

Wednesday breakfast

We had some friends over for breakfast this morning. (They may look like imaginary friends but we didn't get a picture with everyone). Mark made the best french toast and scrambled egg cheese dish.  

Misty morning walk

It has been very foggy and rainy lately but, it doesn't stop us from taking walks.  I don't know why I posted a picture of these blue walls, just thought some color would be nice.  


Sardines and laundry

Our next door neighbors porch


the Laundry Room

longjing green tea (Mark's favorite)

No matter how cold it is this February, one of our goals is to take a walk each night.  We experience something new each time we step out the door.  Tonight, we walked past three separate groups of dancers.  The first were dancing to traditional Chinese music, the second group was boot scootin to a country song about the Bayou, the third was lifting their fake swords to tai chi?  

Mark fixes his zipper

Yo mama's gonna be real proud.


Men making brooms in the park near Yuyuan Gardens.



Photos by the Goodwin Project
Check out this blog!  They have gorgeous photographs.



Stopped at starbucks in near Yuyuan gardens before venturing out to find this antique  road.


Cantina Agave.  Delicious burritos and margaritas


Mark was in search for a traveling guitar.  The guy on the left sold him on this chinese gourd flute by playing a little ditty.


Rock and Wood Hostel Shanghai

This is our favorite place to stay when we come to Shanghai.  It is Clean, Comforting and Comfortable. We have a triple C standard. The rock&wood hostel's best feature is that it actually smells of good timber, something very hard to find in China.


We made our way to Shanghai for the past two days to take ease and see a few things the city offers. One thing we'll miss about living here is the way your (not feet) but nose carries you along the narrow streets of delicious street food. In the second pic you'll see some squid and the third is some tasty and famous Beijing duck. Next is some varieties of tea. Our favorite is long jing which means dragon well. This tea comes from a city called Hangzhou. We traveled there in October and camped at the top of a small mountain where this tea is grown. Very beautiful. 
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