Hong Kong Market

Central district market, Hong Kong
This area of Hong Kong is filled with  British pubs and antique, food, and fish markets
Coffee break in a small restaurant in Hong Kong.

Really big market on the hillside of Victoria Peak.


Over the bridge on the way to Hong Kong


Hong Kong

We just got back from a trip to Hong Kong.  We had a great time in Hong Kong and want to go back soon!  More pictures to come.  


Xihui Park

This was a village (really old village) at the foot of the mountain.  It has been preserved and now you can walk through the gardens and temples.  Someone carved winding stairways into the mountain.  Any of the stairs will lead you to the top of the mountain where you can find a Buddhist Temple with one family living inside and a really creepy abandoned t.v. tower.  The t.v. tower must be something people want to see because there is a lady selling ice cream at the front door.  This park is beautiful!  We will be back here.

One of the things I really like about China is, people will gather at night and have dinner or play cards, etc. no matter what is going on around them.  You see this everywhere.  The other day I passed a dilapidated building and in the middle of it all were about ten vendors on their bicycles selling fruit and veggies.  


Bonsai Center

On the bus from downtown to our house, we pass a garden center.  Today we rode our bikes here and made it almost in time.  There are about 20 little garden centers clustered in one big parking lot.  A lot of the shops had already closed for the night but there were still a few open.  This was a really cool bonsai shop.  

That baby had just touched Mark's beard.



Our old roommate Dave had told us about this market.  We didn't realize how big it was until today.    It stretches about a  mile!  Everything is sold here from snakes to smelly tofu/cheese to bathtubs.  We will definitely be back here soon.

WOW!  I don't know what this is yet?  People buy it by the slice.  Could you imagine stumbling on one of those in your garden?

Traffic jam in the market.


Fresh eggs from the market down the street.

Everyone has a bottle like this red one.  Because you can't drink the tap water, people boil the water and store it in these bottles.  It's a pretty clever idea but the water always stays really hot.
I was trying to ask this guy if I could take a picture of the people dancing.  Oh well, he seemed to like having his picture taken (He had a good attitude about it if he didn't).  These people are dancing about 15 feet from where I teach.  This is the park surrounding my school and every morning there are a few activities going on, exercises to the left, tai chi to the right, dancing, etc.

Don't mind if I do.  

Today was a scorcher!


Bong bong che.  This is really cheap and quite fun transportation.  

I took these photos on my quick walk to school this morning.  Mark and I have been extremely busy here so far planning our lessons.  We will become faster as we go along but for now we are sticking to the books.  People plant vegetables anywhere they can find.  Here are some sweet potatoes? planted along an empty lot.  Almost everyone lives in an apartment here which is why they utilize all the space they can find. 

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