Bee Farm

Today Mark and I took a 20 mile bike ride on Chisolm Rd.  There are so many great businesses on Chisolm Rd. like this one, Local Honey.  Myrtle and Allie Crosby raise bees, sell honey, bee pollen, and bee's wax.  
Myrtle Crosby, the owner

This cat has six toes

beautiful day for a bike ride!


Monday Chinese Lessons

My mom took this picture during a trip to China.  I love it because you can see the potted plants on the edge of the boat.     I can tell there is a plant lover who lives there! (Or maybe someone who really likes to cook?)  Maybe both!  I really want to meet the people who live on this boat. 

these are the numbers 1 through 10

during our walk on the greenway


Barnie Bread

It was a beautiful morning for french toast and friends

Cara showed up with Earth Maiden Soap!  Each soap is made from scratch and smells wonderful.


Charleston Window Boxes

Cute little shop on Queen Street,  Lime Blue 
Vendue Inn

Vendue Inn window boxes designed and planted by Jen Stringer of Living Colors
Window box designed and planted by Jen Stringer of Living Colors 

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Destination: Poe's Tavern

Work has gotten slow during the month of February so, Mark and I have tried to come up with free activities.  Yesterday, we decided to ride our bikes to Poe's Tavern on Sullivan's Island.  That is a 15 mile bike ride, one way.  

past the palmetto trees in Mt. Pleasant

over the Sullivan's Island bridge

cute black dog on the beach

are you my mother?


Headed home, back over the Sullivan's island bridge, through the town of Mt. Pleasant, over the Ravenel Bridge, through the streets of downtown, over the Ashley River Bridge, down the greenway, back home.  

downtown Charleston


Pond Scum

Yep, you heard it right, "Pond Scum" coined its name from our friend Sally, who gave Mark her old juicer.   We have been using it almost every day.   This is one of the best drinks I have ever had!  The recipe:  handful of parsley, 2 lemons, 1 orange, 1 apple, and a couple of carrots.  Thanks Sally!

I think this is your pitcher Barbara?  Come on over for some pond scum and we will return it to you.  Wadda you say?

A photo of the beautiful day!


Happy Valentine's Day

Tweet tweet, a valentine's surprise for Mark.

The other day while Mark was slowly lowering his coffee cup to rest it on the table beside him, I said "oh! wait, let me get a coaster for you."  My grandmother instilled this habit in my sister, brother and me from the time we could hold a cup.  If we happened to forget, she would explain what would happen if we did not use a coaster, "if you don't use a coaster, there will forever be a ring where you put the cup."  My grandmother was the senior editor at Vanderbilt University and always corrected us if we said something grammatically incorrect.  That afternoon Mark decided to make a few coasters to put around the house. 
 photo of my grandmother, "Mom"
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