random photos from Hong Kong

It is not unusual to wake up at 7am to fireworks in China but this morning was different.  It sounded like people were dropping bombs in our neighborhood.  I woke up and made a cup of coffee and looked out the window.  As usual the pigeon man was feeding his pigeons.  There was a gathering of people playing traditional Chinese music in the house across the street.  I could hear flutes and people playing rhythmically on metal pots.  Then "boom!" "bang!", enough to make me jump and spill my coffee.  What the ?  They were shooting off giant fireworks.  I mean the mambo jambo's!  The people continued playing their music like nothing had happened.  (At 7:30 am let me remind you.).
I came back home around 5pm to find the same people gathered.  Mark and I cooked dinner to the sound of Chinese music.  All of a sudden we heard a rooster or chicken clucking in the same house across the street.  We looked out the window and saw an older man chasing the chicken.  The clucking stopped.  Mark and I stared at each other.  That man just killed the chicken. Then the fireworks came again but this time there was a gathering of older people  around a bon fire, throwing yarn and scraps of some sort into it.  This party went on through the night.  We realized it was a house warming party.


Someones noodles drying in the sun.   You would be amazed at how much activity goes on on this little plot of land.  The other day, I walked to work and passed by 20 older people hand cutting the grass.  They were all chatting and it looked like they were having a great time.  I will try to get a photo next time because it's a pretty cool sight.

a barge traveling down the Grand Canal (the longest man made canal in the world).  I don't think you are able to see them, but each barge has a container garden where they grow their vegetables.

the best cantalope!  It looks and tastes different from the ones in America.  It is the shape of  a watermelon with the crunch of an apple.  Yum!  I saved the seeds if anyone is interested;)

Our computer has been out of commission for a week but it is now back.  We have been slacking on taking photos but will hopefully have more to show this week.

Have a great Sunday!!!


Congratulations Barbara!

My sister, Barbara, has just opened her online shop! Check it out here.  


The pigeon man

What is he going to do with those pigeons?  Our favorite place to sit in the morning is in the kitchen where we have a great view of the pigeon man.  He comes out at about 6 every morning and i think he talks to his pigeons.  He stands by the cage and looks at them for a long time.  He cleans out their bowl and pours fresh water and food.  Then he goes about tending to his plants.   But really, what is he going to do with all those pigeons? 



Afternoon rest

These photos were taken in The Humble Administrator's Garden.  Yes, that's what it is called. We thought the name was pretty funny 



A couple of weeks ago, we took the train to Suzhou, a cute little town about 15 minutes from Wuxi.  


 Keeping face is very important in China

An ancient sage sits at a base meditated and spaced from a pushing race,
It's thoughts are changed and whose to blame, the one who didn't think the same.
When we see the trouble through all the rubble, crawling and sprawling-pop your bubble!
So keep your face through your race if you want to lose, missing your place,
Forget face, don't keep it, weep it, steep it, let it be the hot liquid that melts your position, forget your own so you can fix it.



  We passed this apartment as we were riding an escalator to the top of Victoria Peak in Hong Kong.  This is the longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world.

Bonsai at the "Humble Administrator's Garden" in Suzhou, China
Market in Hong Kong


Hong Kong

little dog

Fugitive in China?  
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