This is a typical sight here.
We are headed out of town for the week!  I hope you have a great week too!!  


Happy Fall

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golden rain tree bonsai

freshly picked figs and blueberries.

These pictures were taken at Sea Island Savory Herbs (Mark's former residence)


photo by Jack Beach
My brother, Jack, lives in Rwanda.  He leads a group in fixing broken wells around Rwanda and neighboring countries.  Jack has the funniest stories to tell and gorgeous photographs.  You can check out more here


Green tea and chess at the top of Ma shan "horse mountain"
There is a monastery at the foot of this mountain.  While we were playing chess, we heard something and realized the monks were singing.  



photo: Brian Ferry
I have been loving this blog lately. 


More Shanghai photos.  Thanks for being patient with the Shanghai photos.  When we are in Wuxi, we are working or writing lesson plans and rarely take our camera out.  The other day Mark and I went on a bike ride.  We weren't sure where we were going we were just riding and enjoying the fall weather.  About 30 miles later, we ended up in a tea garden surrounded by giant bamboo! We will definitely be back and have our camera with us next time!




Rock and Wood hostel.  We had a couple of days off and decided to take a trip to Shanghai.  This was an awesome hostel we stayed near the metro.  It was a really quick trip so, we didn't get too many photos but will share the ones we have soon.

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