A few weeks ago, Mark made his famous quiche for my T.A's.  There wasn't a crumb left on the table.  
We stumbled upon this arch near Lake Taihu.

water lilies? are blooming

ooo ahhh

You don't see this to often in America

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Ferry tickets

This is the ferry we will be taking from Shanghai to Osaka July 3. 

photos by Brian Ferry

On tuesday, we took a quick trip to Shanghai with a list of things to accomplish- buying ferry tickets was one thing on the list.  I can't believe we only have a month and a half left here in China.
Every morning we wake up, have coffee and email some of the most exciting sounding WWOOF farms that Japan has to offer. Living vine art and cheese making are just some types of activities to partake while visiting these farms. Our excitement is bursting at the seems and we can't wait to rip off our work clothes and put on our fresh new bike shorts!


cycling in Japan

photo via here 
Isn't this cool?
photo via here

photo via here 

photo via here

photo via here 
photo via here

One night after indulging in a bottle of port, we decided to cycle in Japan instead of Thailand, Laos and China.  There are just so many cool places to visit and we thought we may never make it all the way back to Japan.  We will take a ferry from Shanghai to Osaka on July 2.  I can't wait!


photo via here
This week has been very busy!  I just want to retreat to this little house in the alps.  

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