the Great Wall

It was so windy this day and at times you had to crouch so you wouldn't fall off.  We weren't sure what to expect but, had a feeling we wouldn't be the only people hiking the wall.  What a surprise to get there and realize we were the only ones around.  Our guide told us prisoners and people over 60 built the wall and it took about 2,000 years to complete.  He said in the winter they poured water down the middle of the wall so that it would freeze and they could drag big stones up to the top.  Could you imagine doing this kind of work in your 60's?
Whenever our friends Alicia and Eric travel, they bring a cup called "a quai".  You are meant to pass it around so everyone can have a drink but you must pass it with both hands. They said it is an old Scottish tradition and if you are passing the cup with both hands you cannot pull out your sword.  Here we are drinking port wine from it on the great wall.

Tiananmen square



enamel bowls

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When I walk to school in the morning, I walk down an alley where older people are gathered talking and laughing.  Most of them are eating their breakfast out of these enamel bowls.


bee keeper

Every time we hike up the nearby mountain, we notice a yellow monastery tucked into the trees.  If it's really quiet, you can actually hear the chanting.  Yesterday, we found the monastery by accident by taking a different road to the mountain.  We walked around for a little bit noticing the hundreds of cherry tree blooms. 



Video by Dan Grossman
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I have never really thought much about Mongolia until recently when a group of people from the north showed up in Wuxi.  Mark and I were riding our bikes home from a friends house at midnight and we passed my school and noticed about 100 people unloading goods from trucks.  The next morning, about 50 or more blue tents were set up right outside the door of my school.  They were selling jade, antiques, pottery, giant rocks, etc.  We have had our minds wrapped around southern China and haven't given thought to the north.  It was really cool to see how these people lived together and moved from place to place as a group.   China is so big and there are so many places to see.  You would have to live here for years and years to see it all.   


Last wednesday we had a few friends over for breakfast.  After the french toast was made, we realized we only owned two forks.  So, there you have it, french toast with chopsticks.

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I can't get enough of Downton Abbey.  I guess any english speaking movie is good when you are in another country but this one has been my favorite so far.  I especially love Maggie Smith.
This wednesday our canadian boss is getting married to a chinese lady.  They are having a chinese/western wedding?  We are all very curious to see what it entails.  In a typical chinese wedding, the bride wears red. Also, the date for the wedding must be a lucky date according to the lunar calendar and all the stars must align on that date.


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In a few weeks, we will be taking an overnight train to Beijing.  I can't wait for a nice, long break!


We did a practice ride with all our stuff this weekend.  This will be our tent for the trip.
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