There's nothing like waking up to the sound of a plastic cup being cut.  The other morning Mark decided how we would drain the honey out of the honeycomb.  Voila!  He is a genius, we now have honey for another week.

Our california poppies have started blooming!  

Giant wisteria we walked past on the greenway today.

Mark decided  he is going to cut his beautiful mustache this week so I had to take a picture.


Way to go Barbara!!!

Way to go Barbara!!!  The designs and models are wonderful!  Go here to find out more about fashion week and here to check out Barbara's designs.


We made this juice with a carrot from our garden!  Look how big it is!


Sunday Breakfast on John's Island

Danielle's new bench
"the girls"
blueberries from and local farm and apples


Burnt Granola

Making granola reminds me of living in Clarksville, TN.  My mom owned "The Rose Garden Tearoom" pictured here, and we all lived upstairs.  Every week I would go down to the kitchen when all the employees had left for the day.  I would gather all the ingredients to make granola (my grandfather's recipe).  Oats, cashews, honey, raisins, etc. would go into a big pot on the stove.  I would stir and stir and always wondered why the granola never looked like granola?  It never really tasted like granola either, more like uncooked oats with honey poured on them.  A couple of days ago, I looked up a recipe for granola and realized, you have to bake it in the oven.  Oh!
It turned out pretty good except, I accidentally burned it.  But that's okay... 
Remember that squirrel who likes Barnie Bread?  He loves burnt granola too.  I threw some out the window for him so that he would stop digging in our garden.  


Saucer Magnolia blooms
Wisteria beginning to bud
private Charleston garden with blooming camelias.  If you happen to be in Charleston in the next two weeks you should go here to find out more about the Historical Charleston Foundation Festival of Gardens.  The tickets will allow you to enter 10 to 12 private Charleston gardens and there will be lemonade waiting for you at the end of the tour.  Sounds good to me! 
Cherry bark and blossoms.  Sometimes the bark of trees are just as beautiful as the blooms!
Lady Banks climbing rose about to bloom

Lorepetalum (or Chinese fringe flower) in full bloom
Evergreen clematis
I have always noticed this tree when I walk downtown.  I wonder how old it is?  I bet the people who live here get a laugh every time they walk out their door.


parsley, apple, pear, orange, lemon and ginger juice
Yesterday we had some friends over for juice.  Lianne brought these beautiful easter lilies.  They smell so good!  Thanks Lianne


This squirrel was eating Barnie Bread right outside our window this morning.  



Mark decided he wanted to start collecting cans as he rides his bike to work so, he made the "cantraption."  We took it for a test run around the neighborhood to see how it would hold up.  It took us half an hour to pick up this many cans people had thrown into ditches and the marsh.  
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