Quick trip to Tennessee

Mark and I took a quick trip to Tennessee this week to pick up a motorcycle.  We both have taken on extra jobs in order to save money for a plane ticket overseas and Mark has been riding his bike about 30 miles each day to and from his jobs.  He decided it was time to get some faster transportation and thanks to my dad, has been able to borrow a motorcycle. 

My Dad's garden center in Clarksville, TN.  I think this is a flowering cherry?  Isn't it beautiful!
This is "Dog"  who is not very happy with  his new company (the dog pictured in the first photo).    I think his expression tells it all.

My Dad just received a new shipment of flowering trees.  
This is my Dad's new dog, who does not have a name yet.
We also got to visit my Mom.  This is a cherry tree which she has pruned to look like a bonsai, like people do in China.  The blooms on the left are growing out of the places on the tree that she pruned.

Mark holding a chinese tea statue
cute little cottage with a cute little fence.  Doesn't this make you just want one?
back to Charleston
Mark is only driving about 5 miles an hour here.

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