After a hot breakfast, we set out for another 6 hour bike ride back to Suzhou.  This was the coldest day we have had since arriving to China.  Faced with strong, cold headwinds, we pedaled back 45 miles to Suzhou along the waterway.  Mark almost sat down and cried but I told him "keep pedaling".  No, just kidding, he is an avid biker, ain't nothin gonna get in his way. Actually though, we both felt like throwing in the towel and catching a bus but we didn't (because there weren't any).  We just kept pedaling...
Once we saw that Suzhou was near, it began to snow.  We pulled up back to the same hostel we stayed in two nights before and crossed our fingers they had an extra room.  They did!  We went to sleep only to wake up to LOUD BANG CRACK BOOM!!!!  fireworks? right under our bedroom.  

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