We made our way to Shanghai for the past two days to take ease and see a few things the city offers. One thing we'll miss about living here is the way your (not feet) but nose carries you along the narrow streets of delicious street food. In the second pic you'll see some squid and the third is some tasty and famous Beijing duck. Next is some varieties of tea. Our favorite is long jing which means dragon well. This tea comes from a city called Hangzhou. We traveled there in October and camped at the top of a small mountain where this tea is grown. Very beautiful. 


  1. Are the paintings in the last photo silk paintings? I agree, it would be nice to walk down the street and see interesting food and a lot of activity. Is the lady with the tea singing a song?

    1. I actually didn't notice those until you said something. They do look like silk paintings don't they? The lady was talking to Mark when I took a picture. She was in selling mode


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