Aaahh...chooo is right!

Chinese people are really funny when it comes to certain things, like ice cream for example.  You won't find a soul eating an ice cream cone before March 1, but when that day comes, there is an ice cream cone in the hand of every passerby.  It's impossible find sunglasses in the winter either, nope, they go out for sell mid march.  Everything is seasonal here.
Wuxi is breathtaking right now.  Everywhere you look, cherry trees, magnolias, lorepetalum are in bloom.  Yesterday I took pictures on my way to work and halfway there realized my skirt had ridden all the way up to my hip.  Woops.  Oh well, it will give people something to talk about.


  1. Ha! I have laughed all day about this.
    Mama xox

    1. I would have been embarrassed had I been in any other country but not here where people walk around in their pajamas!

  2. Hahaha, that's funny! It is beautiful there right now and that ice cream looks SO good! I miss ya'll so much!!


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