the Great Wall

It was so windy this day and at times you had to crouch so you wouldn't fall off.  We weren't sure what to expect but, had a feeling we wouldn't be the only people hiking the wall.  What a surprise to get there and realize we were the only ones around.  Our guide told us prisoners and people over 60 built the wall and it took about 2,000 years to complete.  He said in the winter they poured water down the middle of the wall so that it would freeze and they could drag big stones up to the top.  Could you imagine doing this kind of work in your 60's?
Whenever our friends Alicia and Eric travel, they bring a cup called "a quai".  You are meant to pass it around so everyone can have a drink but you must pass it with both hands. They said it is an old Scottish tradition and if you are passing the cup with both hands you cannot pull out your sword.  Here we are drinking port wine from it on the great wall.

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