We were taken by our host to her friends house who does tea ceremonies. This was a great experience to be had. Drinking macha, a well ground green tea and afterward playing an old game who princesses played. Gillian and I won so we got a free ice cream later that day.

Stone path in a rock garden we visited in Kyoto. Zen gardens were really amazing here. Hundreds of years in the making!

Leaving a hostel in Kyoto. We just had to shoot this shot.

A place in Japan called Nara is known for a mass amount of dear spread throughout the city. These deer are considered divine and sacred. With that thought in mind the first deer we saw we tried to approach and pet when all a sudden in made a fart sound and stomped on Gillian's foot. This is another deer much nicer who just wanted a little bite.

A happy cool morning coming down from the top of these beautiful mountains in the  Kyushu area. After riding for about 10 hours the day before coming down is always a pleasure.


  1. The lady with the tea ceremony looks amazing, just like in the movies. I wish I could have been a mouse on the wall.
    How do you ride in those shoes?
    I just can't imagine how beautiful it must be there. It looks gorgeous and the people you are meeting seem very nice. I always find that it is the people I remember most on a journey.

  2. Hahaha, that is so funny! It looks so beautiful there! The tea ceremony sounds really special!

  3. And wow! 10 hours a day! Not surprising, but that is a long way with those heavy bikes!


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